Chopped – My new Fav Food Network Show

Have you seen Chopped? It is a show on Food Network. It is a timed cooking competition. The show starts out with four contestants/guest chefs. The first round appetizers second-main course, third-dessert, then final elimination. Like another favorite of mine, Iron Chef, and Iron Chef America, this is a black box or brown bag competition. Meaning secret key ingredients must be used in the dish. On Chopped a variety of seemingly unrelated ingredients are presented for each course. For example, Duck eggs, honey cough drops, and potatoes all must be used in the desert round. I am always amazed at the creativity the chefs have in using these strange ingredients. Each contestant transforming the ingredients into culinary masterpeices. I love being creative with random ingredients in my fridge or the fridge of my friends. It is fun to cook without a recipe. The more you know about cooking techniques the better you will be as a contestant on this show. The winner receives a large cash prize, and of course bragging rights, and resume padding. This show wont teach you how to cook, or give you measurements for recipes to make at home. This show will inspire you to think outside the box and use ingredients in unexpected ways.


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