Under a Rock , on a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean

In the recent 2 years I have spent 18 months virtually obsolete of media influence in my life. ” Have you been living under a rock?”, you may ask. Well yes. Actually on a rock or volcano to be more exact. I have been in Hawaii. I made a committment to void my life of television, magazines, newspapers, radio, most books, and most music,movies,  and the internet for a year and a half. The reason was of a spiritual matter. I did read religious  materials, and I listened to classical music.

So what happened? I had a lot of time to talk to people face to face. I didn’t know what was going in politics. I missed being able to Facebook stalk people and share photos online. I didn’t know Lady Gaga and Katy Perry had so many songs on the radio. I received mail in a funny metal box outside of my house. I had no idea what products to buy(that’s sarcasm). I wasn’t swayed by the media.

After the 18 months was over I had to “get with it”. Just a few simple websites helped me get up to speed on popular culture. First I checked out iTunes to see what the top downloaded songs where. Then I watched each music video on YouTube. I then searched through Netflix to catch up on tv shows and movies I had missed. I joined pinterest. com so I could see what other people happen to be interested in. Pinterest has helped me know what is crafty, artsy, and fashionable. Pinterest.com is my new favorite website!


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