Occupy wallstreet …I’m trying to make sense of it…. Over educated and underemployed

This picture was going around Facebook. Then Finally came a response.

No print coverage in the New York Times…Organized on Twitter!

(please watch all videos at the end of article)

So like I said I have not been paying attention to politics for quite some time. So today at school I had two classes. In both the topic of occupy wall street became the focus of the class. The opinion that we need big corporations and that 1% pays 50% . of all taxes was mentioned. Now don’t quote me on that ,I’m not sure that is the real situation. Well I haven’t been watching the news but I did watch some Colbert Report. I think Stephen Colbert explains political things in an easy and sort of funny way. In my other class we talked about how this is an interesting time. We watched “Hot chicks Occupy Wall Street”.

So let me explain what Occupy Wall Street is:
1% of  The U.S is super rich
99% is not
Mostly liberals are having a peaceful protest which  is planned to last 1 month.
Some of them are wearing V for Vendetta masks -“V for Vendetta,” the comic-based movie whose violent, anarchist anti-hero fashions himself a modern Guy Fawkes and rebels against a fascist government has become a touchstone for young protesters in mostly western countries. While Warner Brothers holds the licensing rights to the Guy Fawkes mask, several protesters said they were using foreign-made copies to circumvent the corporation.”-Vendetta’ mask becomes symbol of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests , AP


These people are mad that the banks invested everyone’s money….gambled it away really.

The money was lost and the government bailed them out and paid off their debts.
Not only are people occupying Wall Street but sit ins are being held in places like California and London, England.
They are mad that they paid for education that can’t get them jobs… some even want their debts forgiven like the banks debt was. The news doesn’t seem to be giving the protest much airtime. I was watching Rock Center with Brian Williams which is a new show on NBC. The show is films in a studio in New York not far from Wall street. On the day I watched the program Brian introduced a segment by barely mentioning that there are still people occupying wall street. He then used that as a lead in to a story about how a small town in th U.S. has plenty of jobs due to an oil boom. It seems like the demonstrations are not getting the attention desired. At least not in mainstream media that is, newspapers and T.V. news programs.
So what exactly do the 99% want? well a list of demands has been published on the internet and refered to in the press. I have found that this is not an official list. I am glad to find this out because the list published on the apparently un-official website www.occupywallstreet.org  seems unreasonable. Demands such as universal debt forgiveness, and free education and so on. As it turns out there are many list to be found on various websites. It seems like I have an opinion against the OWS movement.“There are so many people here with so many different ideas and so many different goals,” said Andrew Green, a volunteer at Occupy Boston who works full-time at a pharmacy. “So there hasn’t yet been any unifying decisions made as to what to do. But taking money out of politics would be a very good start.”-Occupy Wall Street: Is campaign-finance reform the answer?,Peter Gelling.

I just haven’t been able to find out what the demands are or what the wanted out come is. I will keep researching.

“Following the trail is complicated– it’s hard to pinpoint where it began. After all, the Occupy movement is intentionally leaderless and decentralized.”- Whos’ Behind It? Tracing The Origins of the 99 Percent Movement, Robyn Gee


.   What do you think? Can you explain it to me?

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